Politicians, Bureaucrats will not Eradicate Corruption

25 Aug

Sepertinya ada kontradiksi pemberantasan korupdi di Indonesia. Politisi dan Birokrat diberi kewenangan, anggaran dan sumberdaya lain untuk memberantas korupsi. Bukankah para politisi dan birokrat justru menikmati keuntungan dari korupsi atau bahkan mereka sendiri yang melakukan korupsi. Nampaknya ada logika yang tidak sejalan.

Dugaan ini dikuatkan oleh Meghalaya Governor RS Musharry dalam Politicians and bureaucrats will not eradicate corruption as they are mostly ‘involved’ in such practices. He also urged the civil society to fight for a corruption-free system.

Addressing a the Right to Information (RTI) Act, Mr Musharry said the RTI Act, though a powerful weapon, cannot in itself be a means to combat corruption as it only provides information on corruption, but no means to hold the public servant directly responsible for the corruption.

“The RTI has a limited scope to fight corruption. The biggest problem is that the RTI Act only provides information, and information in itself cannot root out corruption,” he said.

A former BSF director general, the Governor said an effective law is needed to directly tackle the corruption charges.

Stressing on the need for the law, he added, “Effective law implementation is necessary rather than mere quantum of punishment.” He pointed that India has death penalty for several crimes, but such crimes continue to be committed on a mass scale as the rate of conviction is low.

While highlighting the government’s role in effective corruption control, Mr Musharry stressed on active part of the civil society to check the menace.

“Disgrace is a great punishment. People must socially boycott and ostracise corrupt people,” he said.

“Politicians and bureaucrats will not eradicate corruption as they are involved. Civil society must step in,” Mr Musharry, who is a former Chief Information Commissioner of Assam, added. S



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